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UPDATE 8/10/16

The Reunion Committee has decided not to move forward with our 45th Class Reunion.  Because we started a little late in the year, we didn't get the response from classmates that we had hoped for.

For those who sent a check for the deposit, please let us know at if you would like us to shred your check or mail it back to you with void written on it.  

Please look for a posting in early 2021 on social media and our web site, as we will be starting very early to make our 50th Reunion the biggest and best ever.

The Reunion Committee

Let us know if you would like to help with the next reunion.  There are many details!



A lot was accomplished with this small group.  In the future, we are looking for more people that are interested in being on the committee.  More hands make less work for everyone.  Let us know if you are interested. 

What better friends could we have in our lives than old friends!!

2011 Reunion Committee

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40th Reunion (2011)

We were young seniors in 1971 and we're young seniors now!

Lake Taylor Class of 1971

Finding & Calling Classmates

Finding an Affordable Venue

Need Early Financial Committment 

Planning the Rest (Food, Decorations, etic.)

Sending out Invitations (Emails)

​Answering Emails

Collecting Money/Keeping up with Ticket Sales

and much more......

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